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We have arranged this page in a way to help you get to know us in advance. It is our intention to make sure that all of our clients find the right therapist to meet their needs and we often refer clients to each other to make sure that this happens. We are all trained in a variety of different modalities and adjust our pressure to the preference of the individual but we each have our specialties so we have listed those with each biography. No matter which therapist you select for your massage, though, you will always recieve a quality service even if the technique is not specifically listed on this page.

Veronica Morris

GA License #004668
Head Therapist

Veronica loves bodywork, both giving and receiving! She was raised in the Savannah area and attended Suncoast School of Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL over 15 years ago as a way to better support herself and her young daughter while finishing college and found that massage therapy is her passion and calling. She has never looked back. Early in her career she travelled around the US working in luxury and high end spas in places like Vail, Colorado, while enjoying the beauty and sport of each location. Later she worked in more clinical settings with several talented and passionate chiropractors. Based on these experiences, she believes that most people want bodywork that is both luxurious and enjoyable while still accomplishing therapeutic structural change.

Veronica opened Pooler Massage Therapy with the intention of creating a place where she and other like-minded professionals can practice with autonomy while bringing quality bodywork to the public at an affordable price.


Casey Perez

GA License #MT009979

Casey grew up in the Appalachian basin of upstate New York where she developed a love for the power and majesty of nature. Her father, a historian and restaurateur, her grandmother, an artist, as well as her grandfather and husband who are both Veterans have been influential in her life and encouraged her to pursue a career in massage.

Before she found her way into the world of bodywork, Casey joined the military in hopes of pursing an education afterwards. She was stationed in Germany and after a deployment to Iraq she met her husband. They have been blessed with two children, and the following years brought two more deployments and a shoulder replacement for her young husband. During his recovery, Casey found that she wanted to have a better understanding of anatomy and also found that she wanted to help other veterans. She found that she was curious about the power of human touch and a desire to understand PTSD on the body and to help those who suffer from it. It was this that brought her to Virginia College's Massage Therapy program in 2014.

Working at spas and in a chiropractor's office has given Casey had the privilege of helping people with problems such as scoliosis, sciatica, frozen shoulder syndrome, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, planter fasciitis, various joint replacements, migraines, fibromyalgia, sports strains, insomnia, stress and much more. She likens herself to a detective for the muscular system and acknowledges that an initial assessment might point to one issue, but working on the tissue might reveal something different. Emotions and memories can be held in the body and not just the mind and daily life effects muscles and where we hold tension. Casey considers all of these factors and loves to work with clients who have multiple issues. She is fascinated by the process of unwinding chains of muscles and connective tissue to help anyone who has been in pain. She believes preventative massage is important and that it should not only be a luxury but an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Continuing Education: Myofascitis Strategies (Magnus Eklund), PTSD and Massage, Nervous System Disorders, Chronic Pain and Massage, Common Sports Injuries, Essential Oils, Reiki levels I & II

Carrie Sisk

GA License #MT011195
See Carrie if you are looking for a therapeutic and relaxing massage that utilizes a combination of technqiues and pressure to release tension and holding patterns that are causing pain and discomfort.

Carrie started her journey as a massage therapist in 2010 and feels truly blessed to be able to offer the benefits of massage to others.  She has training in swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, MFR, medical, pre-natal, cupping and hot stone massage.  She uses a combination of techniques to customize every massage for each client's individual needs.  She believes that muscles are not only affected by physical stress, but also hold on to emotional stress and trauma. By manipulating the soft tissue with massage, the body will release physical and emotional holding patterns and eliminate toxic waste and energy.  Allowing the body to obtain a complete state of deep relaxation creates space for healing and rejuvenation.

Trigger point therapy is Carrie's specialty and she uses it as an effective relief for migraine headaches and neck pain. She has spent the last six years providing medical and therapeutic massage for cervical strains and injuries and has been successful at helping clients recover from common issues such as frozen shoulder syndrome, sciatic pain, tennis and golf elbow, whiplash and chronic pain. She has also found massage to be very effective for individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She would love to assist you on your journey to a better state of well being!

Continuing Education: Certified Medical Massage Practioner, Neuromuscular Therapy for Cervical strain & sprain, Neuromuscular Therapy for lower back & hip pain, Postural Distortion & pain, Myofascial Release, Fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki levels I & II


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